Watch Viral S€X Tape Video Leak Of Akwa-Ibom University Sudent

Watch Viral S€X tape Video Leak Of Akwa-Ibom Female University Sudent


An alleged second-year Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) student has become embroiled in a social media trend after a private video claiming to be hers was leaked online. In addition, the female student’s picture and name have been shared on social media.

The full Gist: According to Dee Baybie, he/she said that AL Gold had hooked up with a guy (the guy who had sex with her) and the guy
recorded their 'f*cking moment.' From the video, she seems to be aware of the moment.
After recording the moment, the yet-to-be-identified guy shared it with one of his friends, who leaked the video just because him and the guy (in the sex video) weren't friends again.
In the trending video, the Aksu female student and her hookup guy were seen having having a doggy sex style.
Dee Baybie revealed:
According to multiple source, the girl AI Gold is a 200 level student of Akwa Ibom state University."

A Twitter user named @DeeBaybie revealed the sex video. Nigerians are currently discussing the video, so it is consistently trending.

Watch full video below;